14 Real-Time Cyber Attack Visualization Map Sites | 2020 Edition

Cyberattacks are constantly occurring every day around the world. Attacks can be a civil battle within a nation or cross-country attacks associated with trending political events.

Attack threats can come in many forms such as DDoS, C&C, Spam, IP Spoofing, and many more.

Under such circumstances, there are website services that specialize in aggregating global cyberattack events to render real-time visualization attack map.

These sites provide a variety of information related to online attacks including attack source and destination, type of threat, and country base statistics.

In this article, we will review 15 websites that analyze threats around the world to generate cross-country attacks visualization maps in real-time.

What is Cyber Attack Visualization?

A cyber attack visualization is a useful tool that helps an individual learn about the worldwide ongoing attack details. A map helps people who are not aware of the activities and frequency of cyber attacks understand the big picture of real-time threats through graphical representation.

Most cyber-attack visualizer provides the following threat details.

  • Attack source country and destination country.
  • The number of threats occurred in the past hour/day/month.
  • Type of threats, usually either DDoS, Spam, Malware, Botnet, or Command and Control (C&C).


The Russian cybersecurity organization Kaspersky developed one of the most fascinating threat visualizers.

The beautifully designed graphic interface makes you want to have the application running all day. Activities are categorized in futuristic neon colors by threat types for easy understanding.

There are two modes to display the map, sphere world mode, and flat map mode.

Kaspersky CYBERTHREAT REAL-TIME MAP - https://cybermap.kaspersky.com/


The Spamhaus division created a Bot event visualizer service called deteque to will show worldwide Botnet activities in real-time.

Each threat event is represented as an explosion on the map with the size corresponding to the scale of the threat activity. Information on the interface also shows the number of active bots in the last 24 hours, the top 10 worst Botnet countries, and the top 10 worst Botnet ISPS.

The purple map background with the blue and red explosion overall gives a nice hacky feel for users to enjoy.

deteque LIVE BOTNET THREATS WORLDWIDE - https://www.deteque.com/live-threat-map/

Digital Attack Map

Digital Attack Map is a service designed by the collaboration between Google Ideas and Arbor Networks to display live activities of DDoS attacks around the world.

The amount of historical DDoS data used to provide the service is massive that users can review the entire world's threat events each day since 2015.

Digital Attack Map - https://www.digitalattackmap.com/


Fireeye displays the number the attacks per day, most attacked countries in the past 30 days, and the top 5 most impacted industries. Each attacks are visible on the map with sources and targets information.

By subscribing to the alert feature users can receive notifications of each attack.

FIREEYE CYBER THREAT MAP - https://www.fireeye.com/cyber-map/threat-map.html


Although the graphical interface of the Fortinet threat map is less flashy, there are few unique attractive features. By double clicking the countries on the map, the user can view both incoming and outgoing attacks, as well as overall activity in a format of wave graph.

The shadow that represents the day/night area gives an extra touch to the graphics. The threat activity table at the bottom center shows how often attacks are occurring throughout the world.

FORTINET Threat Map - https://threatmap.fortiguard.com/


Bitdefender Cyberthreat real-time map provides a comprehensive look at the threat map that makes it fun to watch the attack activities. The map with the 8-bit feel gives a nice look overall.

The types of supported threats are cyber attack, infection, and spam. Each threat is presented with the date and time of the incident, source/destination countries, and attack details.

Bitdefender CYBERTHREAT REAL-TIME MAP - https://threatmap.bitdefender.com/


SonicWall's Worldwide Attack map shows colorful threat interactions in real-time. While the map UI is quite fun to watch, by clicking the line at the bottom center you can switch to other pages with different graphical representations.

The top 3 countries in each category, attack origins, attack targets, and attacker IP address gives a great summary of the ongoing world threat events.

SONICWALL WORLDWIDE ATTACKS - LIVE - https://securitycenter.sonicwall.com/m/page/worldwide-attacks

Threatbutt Internet Hacking Attack Attribution Map

Threatbutt hack attack attribution map is quite monotone as it's an entirely green and black look, but the sound that it makes per each attack is unique.

Threat activities are displayed with the country and IP address of both source and destination. The side note attached to each threat such as "It's good for business!" makes it extra fun to watch.

Threatbutt Internet Hacking Attack Attribution Map - https://threatbutt.com/map/


Threat Cloud threat map has a nice comfortable design with bright attack indications shooting back and forth between countries.

The top-ranking information at the right is very useful as it shows the most targeted country, industry, and type of attacks.

Also, the daily attack graph provides the number of attacks occurrence of the past few months in one look.

THREATCLOUD LIVE CYBER THREAT MAP - https://threatmap.checkpoint.com/


Akamai is an organization specializes in the content delivery network. The business model naturally allows them to collect and analyze realizable threat activities using their network domain servers established all over the world.

The type of supported attacks is Phishing, Malware, and C&C activities. The occurrence of each threat type is visible through a variety of graphs.

Akamai ENTERPRISE THREAT MONITOR - https://www.akamai.com/us/en/resources/visualizing-akamai/enterprise-threat-monitor.jsp

LookingGlass THREAT MAP

LookingGlass threat map focuses on the Botnet activities with details along with other statistical information.

The Botnet graphs break down the Botnet infection rate and type based popularity so that the user can easily track the ongoing activities.

LookingGlass THREAT MAP - https://map.lookingglasscyber.com/

TALOS Cyber Attack Map

Talos focuses on summarizing the malware and spam events that occur around the world. The top countries that are sending malware and spams are presented on each side of the map.

Clicking the IP associated with the event will display detail information such as owner details, reputation details, spam level, blacklist, and more.

TALOS Cyber Attack Map - https://talosintelligence.com/fullpage_maps/pulse

NETSCOUT Cyber Threat Horizon

NetScout specializes in the real-time DDoS events that are conducted in each country. Details of each DDoS can be visible by clicking on the dots on the map.

The graphical interface is extremely fun to watch as it shows how DDoS is conducted in a way each attack occurs from multiple sources at once.

The side panel can be used to toggle and change the configuration to adjust the look.

NETSCOUT Cyber Threat Horizon - https://horizon.netscout.com

IBM X-Force Exchange Threat Activity

IBM also presented a simple graphical service that shows the malicious attacks detected around the world.

Detected threats are malicious scans, spam attacks, malware, and C&C. Clicking the threat type will navigate to the table with a list of associated events.

IBM X-Force Exchange Threat Activity - https://exchange.xforce.ibmcloud.com/activity/map