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Cyber Security Consultant / Senior Cloud Engineer / Azure & AWS Architect / Microservice Specialist / Security News Aggregator

Cyber Security Career

A quick introduction about myself and how I engaged in Cyber Security career. It would be awesome if you will stick around hearing my stories.

First Step to the Engineering World

The excitement of the technology era started right after I earned my Computer Science Master's degree in California. My first experience in professional engineering was seeded at the local healthcare instrument organization.

Six months later I joined the company, all the lead and senior engineers decide to leave the company. Suddenly, I became both the lead and senior without the knowledge or experience. Goodbye fun entry-level duties, hello deadlines and responsibilities.

Seek for a Career Growth

After 4 years of development in the healthcare industry, I realized most of the technology I use were narrow and outdated. In addition, my salary was still lower than the market average.

The world was moving toward microservice driven Cloud engineering with advanced deployment strategies.

I made a decision to break out from the shell and place myself into a new challenge to start developing a new career portfolio.

Cloud Technology and Consultant

After a lot of studying and job hunting, I landed on a consulting firm where I got fully outsourced to a client within 2 days. Demand and responsibilities were extremely high to survive in a global enterprise corporation as an outsourced consultant.

Despite the challenges, the rewards are amazing. If interested in improving leadership mentality and various programming understanding, consulting is the way to go. This was how I learned .Net Core Microservice, Angular 4~7, Azure Architecture, and Scrum Methodology all at once for the first time.

Other accomplishments during this period are:

  • Earn 6 Microsoft Azure Certifications, including MCSE
  • Build multiple web services using MEAN & MEVN stack
  • Solve +200 LeetCode problems in Python
  • Hold a Symposium about Docker Deployment

And Now at Cyber Security Industry

The experience and skillsets I gained over the years lead me to join an AI-driven cybersecurity organization where I build various cloud services.

Software development under strict security standards shaped my fluency in data protection strategies and cybersecurity regulations.

My goal is to share security guidance and industry articles to help people understand how to use technology in a safer manner.